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~ Wildest Dreams ~

Brigadier General Paul Potter and Vice Admiral Bradley J. Harrison
Deep Space 7 1120 days before mission at 1000 Hours

He could feel the weight on his shoulders as the life moved upward within the Immense-class starbase. This was his first time on the station known as Deep Space Seven and it had it moments from what he could see. As a Marine, Paul felt that sometimes those that were Starfleet didn’t see the potential need for Marines when you were on the frontier and Deep Space Seven was as far as you could get.

Since he had gotten the transfer orders and the promotion, he was wondering if someone in Starfleet was trying to make a point since he was the second Marines within the few months to be promoted to the billet of Task Force Seventy-Two, with the other officer being in Task Force Ninety-Three. He was brought out of his thoughts as the lift slowed down and finally came to a stop on Deck Eleven. As the doors parted he could see that Main Operations was buzzing with activity as personnel worked to keep everything working.

Stepping out of the turbolift, Paul looked around before he found the the Station Commander’s Office. Walking across operation, it took him a few seconds before he was blocked by a female Petty Officer First Class. Paul looked her up and down and if he was years younger he would admit that she was of stunning beauty, however he was past that age.

“General Potter to see Admiral Harrison,” Paul said as he looked at the young woman.

Alexis looked strangely at the marine, he just stood there, not saying anything and just waiting as if he was waiting for something to happen. Alexis wondered why a marine, none more so than a General wanted to see her bos; “I’ll see if he is in” she said with a bit of a smirk on her face. She headed up the stairs and went into the waiting room for Bradley’s office

“Sir, a General Potter wanting to see you. Marine” was all she said.

“Send him straight up, Alexis… and get the smirk off your face darling” he said, with a bit of a tongue-in-cheek remark towards Alexis, they both worked well together than remarks like that were done to lighten the mood and to keep friendships going

She headed back down and looked at the marine again; “Head on up, sir” she said, before taking her seat again and back to work.

Nodding his head, Paul moved past the young enlisted woman and head up the stairs which led to a decent sized office. Entering the room, Paul looked around and had to admit that with rank comes a bigger office space, before turning to Harrison and smirking, “Big office.”

“Yeah” said Bradley, his mind occupied with what he just saw with the USS Tesla.

“What has your mind buzzing,” Paul asked as he moved to a chair and looked at his new superior officer.

“You won’t believe it, General; but someone has just stolen a starship from the Task Force” he said, wondering what he was going to do, not just that he had a senior vacancy to fill somehow; and now this just put more onto his plate, something he didn’t need

“Someone stole a Federation starship,” Paul looked at the man in disbelief for a moment before wondering how they could steal a starship from a base.

“Well, as far as I can tell; I’ve got nobody out there who could even begin to search for it, I’ve got a base here that needs operating and a Task Force that I can barely keep in tact at the moment, I have nobody patrolling the southern sectors, and a base that is in desperate need of renewal. If I had someone to hold the fort down there, it would consolidate everything, since I have Nelson Harrison up in the Northern sectors near the Cardassian borders” he replied, it was giving Task Force status updates to a marine, who he wasn’t even sure was here for a better reason

Shaking his head, Paul had to wonder what the hell he was getting into with this assignment. It sounded like he was walking into the old Terran era of the Wild West.

“Well, it begins me to wonder why you are even here?” he asked

Unzipping his uniform jacket and pulled out a PADD and passed it over to the man, “According to Starfleet, I have been appointed to fill that position you are worried about.”

“The only thing I’m now worried about is this damn USS Tesla matter…” he stopped mid-sentence. “Come to think of it, are you doing anything. I may have a task for you, General” smiled Bradley, the cogs in his head were starting to align much better now

Paul looked at the man and he really didn’t like that smile, “I live to serve, Admiral.”

“Consider yourself the new Task Force Executive Officer and Commanding Officer of Carnaween Station, southern sector near the other opening to the Expanse. Consider yourself also on duty to find out whether or not the Tesla is out there and to find her. I’ll transmit orders down there for you, but I’m sure you will need a load of resources. That base hasn’t been operational for months” he said

“Ah, one of those bases that we left unguarded,” Paul stated, “I’m surprised that it is still in Starfleet hands after sitting empty for so long. If there is nothing else, Admiral it seem I have a base and staff to gather. And a rogue ship to hunt down.”

~ Light Em Up ~

Brigadier General Paul Potter, Commander Li Ch'ang, Lieutenant Commander Abigail Windsor and Command Master Chief Petty Officer Jasper O'Neill
Conference Room 7, Deck 55, Deep Space 7 1115 days before mission at 1500 Hours

The lights were dimmed as the man known as Paul Potter looked at the map that would become his domain. Starbase Two-Oh-Six, otherwise known as Carnwennan Station was sitting right in front of the Carnwennan Corridor. His command was sitting right between the Tzenkethi and the Talarians. He could just feel a headache coming on since the Carnwenna Corridor was the safer options for ships wanting to enter the Expanse. However, he has a feeling that the Tzenkethi Coalition was going to be a problem. There were still hard feeling over their actions during the last Federation-Tzenkethi war.
Paul was brought of his musing as the door to the conference room opened, flooding the room with light from outside.

“Lights, seventy-five percent,” Paul ordered as he turned around and looked at the two officers and one non-commissioned officer that had entered.

“Commanders Li Ch’ang, Abigail Windsor & Master Chief Yeoman Jasper O’Neill, reporting per orders,” the Asian Commander said as the three officer snapped to attention.

Paul looked at them and thought, Someone has done their research on me.

“Take a seat, everyone,” Paul said as he moved to his own chair.

He watched as the three members of his new command staff took their seats on either side of him. He was actually looking at Lieutenant Commander Windsor since she was wearing the uniform belonging to the Medical Division. Paul remembered when he had approved her to become his Chief of Staff, essentially making her his Second Officer.

Abigail took her seat and could feel the eyes of the Brigadier General on her. She had no idea why she was chosen to be a member of the command staff considering that she was also the Director of Personnel Welfare, in essence, she was the Chief Medical Officer; as such she could remove the General from duty.

His eyes moved to Commander Li Ch’ang and from he what he remembered reading, the man was Engineer first and foremost. Paul chose him for the spot of Deputy Commander for the mere fact that he had an outstanding record.

Li Ch’ang looked into the eyes of Paul Potter and for a moment he wondered what the man was thinking. This was Li first time being in front of a member of the Marine Corps and an Oh-Seven at that. Li had been shocked when he received word that he had been tap to become the Deputy Commander of the Carnwennan Sector. However, he would do his job.

Master Chief Yeoman Jasper O’Neill looked at the General that appeared to be in his early forties. However, he knew that the man in question was older than him and had a lifetime of experience in the field. The simple fact was that compared to Paul, Jasper knew that he was but a child in an old man games and that what they were now pawn pieces. He knew the stories about Starbase Two-Oh-Six and Starfleet was throwing them to the wolves by placing them between two parties that they had had conflicts with. While the Talarian Republic had taken a more pro-Federation stance after the Dominion War, most of the older generation in Starfleet didn’t trust them.

“I would like to thank you all for arriving so fast,” Paul said, “As you know by now from your orders, that you three are the command team for Starbase Two-Oh-Six. Starfleet Command has decided that it is time to reopen the base. However, we have no idea what state the base is in. So our goal her and now is to work to see what we need to have before we launch so that we can get the base up and running. Questions?”

“Sir, since the base has been without power and repairs for so long, we have to make sure that my engineering teams have enough supplies on hand,” Li said as he looked around the room, “We will also need some Workbees on the transport…”

Windsor decided that it was her time to speak, “With all due respect, Commander while engineering is a sound idea, Medical is where we should focus our attention. We are about to become one of the stop points for any ship entering the Expanse and we need to make sure that we have enough medical supplies to go around for those ships that dock with us.”

Li looked at the smaller woman and shook his head, “Are you out of your mind, this is a base that has had no power and no repairs for some time. Who know what kind of shape it is in, frankly Medical could wait until my teams make sure the base is sound.”

Jasper looked at the two officers before turning his eyes to the General, “Concerning the Commanders, I believe that Security should be the first thing we looked at. Commander Ch’ang has just stated that the base has not been in Starfleet hands for many years. We have to search the base and ensure that they are no unwanted guest nor or traps.”

“We have been assigned Alpha Company of the First Battalion of the First Regiment from the Twelfth Brigade,” Paul replied as he looked at the Master Chief, “Major Katherina Centrich and her company will be working with Lieutenant Commander Lynna Tian of Starbase Security. So Security, Engineering and Medical are on that list.”

“Strategic Intelligence,” Jasper stated before the other two officers could speak.

Paul leaned back into his chair as Li and Windsor began to throw their own ideas about what should be on that list. This was going to be a long staff meeting.

~ Castle of Glass (Part 1) ~

Brigadier General Paul Potter, Lieutenant Junior Grade Alexander Jefferson and Captain Susuan Mana
Carnwennan System 370 days before mission at 1500 Hours

Silence filled the bridge of the USS Sizemore as it cruised through warp; however, the crew of the Ares– class starship was monitoring their station as the Sizemore Task Group prepared to exit warp to the Carnwennan system that held the Presidum-class starbase known as Starbase Two Hundred Six or otherwise known as Carnwennan Station.

Several members of the crew would glance at the two men that stood in the center of the room and watched the screen as the stars passed. They had stood together for the last fifteen minutes of the trip and the older of the two had a frown on his face. The younger of the two glanced at his superior officers for a moment before speaking, “Sensors?”

“Captain, I am reading fifteen ships of various sizes and class,” Lieutenant Junior Grade Jefferson said after she looked at the forward sensors.

“Damn,” the older of the two said as he looked around the bridge, “I guess they have dug in even though the higher functions were locked out. Captain, order the non-combatants to take a back seat.”

“Ah, General,” Captain Mana said as he moved to his seat, “Ms. Jefferson, if you be so kind as to pass the word.”

“Yes, sir.”

The older man frowned for a moment before speaking, “Open a channel to them for me.”

“Channel open, General Potter,” Jefferson replied as he passed as message over to the non-combat ships.

“This is Brigadier General Paul Potter of the United Federation of Planet,” Paul said as he looked into the camera, “I am authorized to give you this one warning to withdrawn from the installations known as Starbase Two Hundred Six. The Federation Council wish for me to thank you for taking care of the base in our absent and to also know that offers of immunity are offered if you withdraw and surrender. However, I also have orders to arrest all who resist and refuse to abandon what is rightfully our.”

Paul gave the signal to the Lieutenant to cut the channel and turned around to looked at the senior staff of the ship, “Is it wrong for me to say I want them to resist.”

Commander Alexander L’Enfant smiled as he shook his head, “Nope, but then again word is Starfleet Security and the Attorney General have been after this group since they took the region.”

“Weapons charged,” Tactical yelled, “They are open fire!”

The ship shook as weapons fire impact the shield, Paul held onto the railing as he looked at the viewscreen, “Transmit orders for all aerospace assets to be launched, they are to focus on the smaller ship. Elements One and Two are to take the center with Elements Three and Four taking the flanks. And someone get me connected to that base mainframe!”

Paul moved to his seat and allowed Captain William Mana to take his seat and give orders for his ship. While Paul was as flag officer and outrank the younger man, he also knew that having to many commanders on the bridge was a mistake. In fact, he could have been in the Operation Center on the ship, but he wanted to see the base when they first exited warp. His commanders knew there order and knew what they were suppose to do. The Task Group was suppose to be a distraction to the pirates so that he could get access to the base mainframe and take control of it permanently.

“You think we are going to allow you to take this base after so much hard work.”

Paul looked at the view screen to find himself looking at a male Bajorian who was graying at the temples.

“I don’t care about your hard work,” Paul replied, “You are illegally on a Federation base and as such I can evict you.”

Snorting, the pirate leader looker at the humanoid, “The mighty Federation is not so tough. You abandoned this station we everything looked bleak and WE took it. It is ours to control and do with for the system and the sector and …”

Suddenly a phaser blast from the station hit the USS Ballston ripping a hole in the port side of the ship. Alarms were going off on the Sizemore as she took a hit from the station weapons. The ship was spinning for a moment as Flight control did everything that it could to bring it back under control.

“Get US OUT OF RANGE,” Paul yelled as he picked himself up and looked at the pirate, “This changes nothing.”

“It. Changes. Everything.”

The screen changed to the view outside the ship as Paul gripped his armrest in anger. He didn’t want to admit it but this did change everything. Frankly, he couldn’t take on that many ships and a freaking starbase with the current size of his forces. He needed one more Task Group. He also knew that the pirate leader was recalling his forces and telling others how he was able to damage a Starfleet ship.

“Ms. Jefferson, I want every ship that is able to in this system, NOW” Paul ordered, “If the mission it is undertaking is not vital to Federation security in the area, then they are to get here.”
Mana looked at the General, “So you going to tell the Admiral about this.” ‘”It looks like I don’t have a choice,” Paul replied, “you have to admit, Starfleet Intelligence they are so great.”


The Operation center was a hive of activity while Paul looked at the holomap that gave a layout of the area. Over the last two hours, Starfleet and Federation member defense ships began arriving in the system, but the pirates were not ideal themselves . They had tripled in size and that frankly worried him since these pirates were so organized that they could call on help from other. He was looking over the formation.

We are going to be paying the Toll, today, Paul thought as he looked around the room, “There use to be a time, we pirates would turn the other way when they saw us coming, but I guess they have began to believe themselves to be the kings in this sector. They think the Federation has weaken over the last several years and in that arrogance that have began to show that they bitten off more than they can hand. We just lost one hundred and fifty-seven Starfleet Officer and Enlisted. They were given a chance to surrender and they spat back into our face, no more offers will be given. All ships assume Attack Pattern Echo-Seven.”

~ We Made It (Part Two) ~

Brigadier General Paul Potter
Carnwennan System 315 days before mission at 1200 Hours

There was chaos in the system as Federation forces weaved throughout the enemy forces. The fight had been going for an hour now and neither side was giving an inch. The Sizemore moved like a shark in the waters as she rotated to her dorsal section and released several photon torpedoes onto several chasing pirated destroyers.

William Mana was a veteran of the Dominion War and he had to say even though he was a peaceful man, his blood got to flowing during combat. He was kind of happy that this would be his last mission though. He could start spending time with his family. At the moment he was watching the viewscreen, looking for any kind of opening so that they could attack one of their own starbase that was now held by enemy forces.

When the news outlets get a hold of this story, it is going to be an embarrassment for the current administration, he thought as he gripped his arm rest.

“Helm, down ninety degrees,” Mana ordered from his chair, “Tactical full spread, get them off our back!”

“Aye, sir, down ninety degrees.”

The ship shook from the impact from an enemy weapon’s discharge as she leaned down. The ship’s tactical officer was working to improve shielding in the area o the hit. In fact, Lieutenant Donald Bell was working overtime as he worked to keep shielding up all over the ship. Alarms began to blare at his station and he had only a moment to glance at the screen, “The base is opening fire!”

“Brace for impact!”

Federation ships watched in horror as the Sizemore was hit and put into a tail spin. On the USS Cheverly, Captain Jerry Underwood watched as the flagship spun around from that hit. Lights were fluttering on the ship. At the age of seventy-three, Jerry was approaching that upper limit for a Starfleet Captain. He was one of the few veterans in Starfleet that was increasing worried about the shortage facing Task Force Seventy-Two.

Leaning back into his chair, he established a link with the rest of the fleet, “All ship, defensive formation around the Sizemore. Fighter squadrons, keep harassing them.”

It was quite a site to see the Federation Task Force as they surrounded their flagship. However the pirates saw this as an opportunity to keep pressing.

On the Sizemore, Potter could feel the hard deck beneath him as he opened his eyes. It took him a moment to remember where he was. He knew his name was Paul Potter and that he was a Colonel, no a Brigadier General in the Starfleet Marine Corps. He also knew that he was on the USS Sizemore with orders to retake Starbase Two Hundred Six.

Standing up he felt something wet and sticky on the side of his face and he knew it was blood. He could see that people were down in the Ops Center when he stood up, “Medical to Ops Center.”

Jerry Underwood looked on in shock as the Sizemore took a hit that flipped it over. This battle was not going how they thought it would and now, as he was reading the latest reports, he new that Medical was heading for the Operation Center.

On the bridge of the Sizemore, Mana had to rubs his eyes as smoke filled the bridge. After this battle, he just knew that the Sizemore was going to be in dry-dock for a while. Chaos filled the bridge as medical officer removed those that were no longer able to do their duty and allowed relief officers to take over. This battle was not going how they thought it would and that spoke volume on how under-prepared Starfleet was for this battle. His attention was drawn from him staring out at the battle to a report that General Potter had been taken to sickbay since he was having problems remembering key facts.

He was faced with a situation that was getting out of hands and while they were reducing the pirate forces; this side were also taking heavy losses.

“Order all Federation forces to pull back outside the base firing range,” Mana ordered as he leaned back in his chair, “I need to check on the General.”

Shocked filled the bridge as the order was passed along before everyone began to do their jobs. As the turbo-lift doors closed, Mana has to shake his head at the younger generation who had not seen combat before. This was a battle that reminded him of the Dominion War and it made him sick to his stomach.

~ This is the Moment ~

Brigadier General Paul Potter, Major General Hranor Lynasa and Brigadier General Jodo Pisi
Commanding Officers Office, Galen IV 10 days before mission at 1345 Hours

Walking across the pavement, one could hear the roar of shuttles and runabouts as they took off from the landing area and carried out their missions. Second Lieutenant Teresa Porter looked at the One-Star Flag Officer that was walking beside her. This was her first time meeting someone who was wearing the silver stars in the box and she could see the shine as the sun caught it.

“Something the matter, Lieutenant?”

She was brought out of hear thought as the deep voice of the Brigadier General whom she was leading. She shook her head, “No, sir…It just that you are the first flag officer I have seen since getting assigned to Galen.”

“Do not worry about, Lieutenant,’ the man replied as he looked at her for a second and stopped, “Lieutenant Porter, since I am your first flag officer I want to impart something to you. Never forget you roots as a Marines because as you rise up to different billets, there will come a time when you have to make the toughest choice in your career and life. When that times comes, remember that you are a person and a Marine in the Starfleet Marine Corps and we don’t make easy choices.”


“You don’t understand at the moment and that fine, Lieutenant. Just remember my words,” the man said as he walked the last few feet to the Administration Building leaving the Lieutenant with her thoughts.

Entering the lobby of the Administration Building the brigadier general waved off the Marine guards that had snapped to attention. Marines snapped to attention as he walked to the office that held the Commanding General of the Seventy-Second Marine Expeditionary Force with a purpose in his step. He brushed pass the aide that was exiting the office as he entered the inner sanctum of Major General Hranor Lynasa to find the Deputy Commanding General, Brigadier General Jodo Pisi, already on the room.

He only waited a moment before he heard the door shut, “Are you out of you gods damn mind!”

Hranor Lynasa looked at the man in front of him for a second. He knew he would be see the Task Force Executive Officer of Task Force Seventy-Two as soon as he signed the order. The man was a Marine, but he was also a lawyer.

“I will remind you, General Potter that I outrank you in this matter,” Hranor stated as he rubbed his bald head.

Anger filled Paul’s eyes as he looked at the younger man, “Frankly Major General, that doesn’t mean squat at the moment since I am speaking for Vice Admiral S’iraa on the matter. What the hell made you think you could sign an order trying to take command of two of Starfleet ship!”

“We needed them for a security matter,” Jodo stated as she moved back from the two alpha men, “We had reports of pirates trying to reorganized in the system.”

Paul looked at the elder-young Bajoran for a second, “Then you should have turned the matter over to Starfleet Security, they are the one that deal with the justice system in the Federation. They could have worked with the DoJ to get a Marshal team in-system. Instead, I am now dealing with a pissed off Deputy Sector Director of Security that coming after me for this mess.”

“What does it a matter if the Deputy Sector Director is upset, I outrank him,” Hranor stated as he brought Paul attention back on him.

“It matters, sir, for the simple fact that the Marines report to Starfleet on stuff like this,” Paul nearly yelled, “Yes, you outrank him, but at this moment you are on detached duty to Starfleet for operations in this sector. I was working on trying to get the fifteen Wallace-class assigned to your unit for joint security. Now, it looks like I’m going to be up all night just to pull what favors I have for you young ass.”


“General, that better not be the next words out of your mouth,” Paul said as he turned back to the man, “It took the Corps a long time to get an officer assigned to my billet and that was because we were careful in everything we did. I know for a fact that the Commandant went to the mat for a Marine Flag Officer to get this billet since we were starting to fill excluded. And now that I am in this billet I will not have you fucking it up, sir.”

Hranor looked at the dark skinned El-Aurian for a second and let the rage build. It should have been him that was filling the billet of Task Force Executive Officer, but Potter had been selected when the position opened and frankly it bugged him. Now, he had Potter walking into his office like it was his and giving him orders. Order that were perfectly legal from his view point.

“What would the Task Force Executive Officer have of this office?”

Raising an eyebrow, Paul looked at him for a second, “Have either myself or your Legal Officer review every order that you send out for now on. We can not have anything that Starfleet would use against us to put us in a bad light. Frankly, you are lucky that I was the one to hear about it before it got to the Commandant or worse.”

Dismissed, General Potter.”

The two member of the command element of the Seventy-Second Marine Expeditionary Force watched the Paul tugged at his uniform jacket for a moment before doing an about face and leaving the room. Jodo had to shake her head as she looked her fellow one-star. Everyone in the room knew what Paul was doing because in one way or another they knew each other.

Paul came into the meeting to light a fire under Hranor ass for the simple face that the man did not see the big picture when it came to Starfleet. The major general was man that was loyal to the Federation, yet he was known for not working with the proper division in his work. Everyone in the upper echelon of the Corps knew that was why Hranor had not been selected as the Task Force Executive Officer when the slot opened. It was also why Paul could get away with calling him on his crap in one form or another.


“Get out, Jodo.”

Snapping to attention, Brigadier General Jodo Pisi gave a quick salute before doing an about face and leaving the room and allowing the man to sulk known that the Listener was right, once more.

~ Things Are Changing ~

Brigadier General Paul Potter, Chief Petty Officer Jasper O'Neill, Lieutenant T'Sai , Lieutenant Commander Shoni sh'Vrosa and Commander Li Ch'ang
Flag Operations on Mission Day 1 at 1100 Hours

Standing in the center of the Flag Operation, Brigadier General Paul Potter was listening to himself as he breathed in and out. This was his only chance to really get a feel for the newly completed Immense-class.

When the Presidium-class had been destroyed during the Battle of Carnwennan, Paul had fought hard to get a new base assigned to the sector since Deep Space Seven had been lost. No one had any idea what had happened to the base after it was attacked by the Ravagers, but Starfleet and the Federation needed something that could provide support in the area and keep the Expanse open.

The Immense is the future of for Starfleet when it comes to the frontier, Paul thought as he looked around the room.

The room was known as Flag Operation since it would be where he would be working from as the Commander of Carnwennan Sector. The room had a holomap table in the center of the room that displayed the entire sector and every Federation and allied ship in the area. The room was also connected to Starfleet Intelligence and provided up to date information on the entire Alpha Quadrant.

Paul had to smirk as he looked at the table since he knew for a fact that Roosevelt Station and Deep Space Twelve didn’t have what he had. Sure they were closer to the Cardassians and the Breen, but he had the Tzenkethi and the Republic sitting at his doors. He was brought out of his thoughts to the sound of the rear turbolift’s door opening. As he turned around, he found himself looking at Commander Li Ch’ang, Chief Petty Officer Jasper O’Neill, and Lieutenant Commander Shoni sh’Vrosa.

Li took the lead and led the two other gentlemen to the center of the room where they joined Paul around the table. Li took a moment to looked at the holomap and could see that it was zoomed out to show the entire Alpha Quadrant. He had to admit that compared to the Beta Quadrant, that the Alpha was quiet.

Using the controls, he zooming to the Carnwennan Sector and just out of range he looked at the space station that sat right on the edge of Tzenkethi space. It was known as Deep Space K-Seventeen, one of the few active K-classes still in services to Starfleet. Currently commanded by a Joined Trill named Etan Kaz; Li had to wonder how the man made it to the rank of Captain since the man was known for his unconventional tactics.

“I know he has had the command for eight years, but do you trust Kaz to hold the line,” Li asked Paul to draw his attention to the map.

Paul looked at his second in command and turned to the map to looked at K-Seventeen, “I have to trust him since there is no way I see Starfleet giving him his box nor do I see them transferring him anywhere else. Seventeen is his last chance, Commander.”
“It has been eight years, General,” Chief O’Neill said as he jumped, “I still can’t believe that Starfleet even has one of those old gals out here.”

sh’Vrosa took that moment speak up, “It is the edge of our sphere with a known former enemy. Intelligence is going to have a ball with that station.”

Li gave a laugh as he looked at the Director of Flight Operations, “She doesn’t even have any Intelligence assets. You have to admire Captain Kaz since he is sitting on the border with a station that is falling apart.”

“I still have no idea why Starfleet put something so small on the edge,” O’Neill stated as he zoomed in on the base, “It would not have held for long against anything with the weapons and size of ships today.”

Paul looked at his top three officers for a moment, “I think it was kept out here for punishment and Kaz did something to someone in Command…”

His comments were interrupted when the turbolifts opened to admit the crew that would be staffing the Flag Operation. He turned his attention to the time that was displayed on the map and saw that the group had been talking for the last five minutes.

“Well, it seems that it time for us to open the doors,” Paul said as he looked at his senior staff, “Commander sh’Vrosa, the Flag is your.”

Lieutenant Commander Shoni sh’Vrosa looked around the room and nodded to his people as they took their stations. This was one of the few times that his department would be assembled in the room known as Flag Operations. Using the controls on the holomap, he zoomed back to Carnwennan Station and looked at the traffic that was sitting just outside of range.

“It looks like it that time, people,” Shoni said as he looked up from the map, “Flight Operations on this base is different from a starship because we are to ensure that everything goes smooth for all those hot shots out there. That means, if they don’t have a flight plan filed with us, then they are grounded. So let’s do this nice a smooth. Lieutenant T’Sai, let do this by the numbers.”

T’Sai looked up from his station and raised an eyebrow at his Andorian superior before turning back to the rest of their department, “All vessels that have personnel and material vital to the station are allowed to begin the docking process.”

While the Flight Operation Division of Carnwennan Station worked to get the various ships docked and everything to its location for the rest of the base staff, Paul took over half of the map and used it to look at the assets in the area. The USS Hermes under the command of Commander Christian Matthew had last reported that it was dealing with a humanitarian mission dealing with the USS Elmira. He was still waiting for a mission report from the Commander, but the last transmission didn’t give him much hope on the front.

Next up was the USS Pandora a Luna-class starship under the command of Commander Nycolas Temple.She was still docked and taking on personnel.

I frankly don’t even want to think about Deep Space K-Seventeen, Paul thought as he brought his attention to the last ship in the area. The Olympic-class starship named the USS Hope, it was the only Starfleet Medical ship assigned to the area. She had seen a lot over the course of her tenure in Task Force Seventy-Two, and Paul knew for a fact that she wasn’t done yet since Captain Varik Raymond was replacing newly promoted Captain Maxwell McNeil.

Those were just a few asset that was in his area at the moment. He also knew that between his base and Galen IV that there would be other ships he could call upon. That didn’t even take into account the Seventy-Second Marine Expeditionary Force that he could call upon if needed for anti-piracy actions.

“Command Li, you have command,” Paul ordered as he logged out and head for the turbolift.

Li looked up and watched as the General left, “Aye, aye, the Flag has left. Secondary Ops is now under my command.”

~ RIse ~

Brigadier General Paul Potter and Lieutenant Commander Bal-Retorin
Station Commanders Office on Mission Day 1 at 1200 Hours

The trip to had been more eventful that Lieutenant Commander Bal-Retorin had been expecting, but he had finally managed to make it. While he and the Ensign Marx had made it intact, their roundabout had not fared as well. Bal had left the battered little ship in the care of the shuttle bay team as Marx had headed off to find something to eat and guest quarters to rest in while Bal had headed to the Stations Opps area to report in.

Now standing outside the Brigadier General’s Office Bal pressed the chime and waited for permission to enter.

Who is this, Paul thought as he looked up at the door from his desk. He was reviewing intelligence reports from the sector.

“Enter,” he ordered as he logged out of the reports.

Bal stepped through the door and stood in front of the desk,” Lieutenant Commander Bal-Retorin Reporting for duty Sir.” he said.

Leaning back into his chair, Paul looked at the male Efrosian that stood in front of him. Paul took the time, to log back into the system and bring up the man service record. This allowed the General a moment to review the man that would be assuming control of all Engineering Operations in the entire sector.

Waving to the chair in front of his desk, “Take a seat, Commander.”

Bal took the offered seat. “Thank you, sir. It was a long trip.” He said.

“I have noticed on your service record that all of your billets are non-starship assignments,” Paul stated as he looked at the man, “Why is that?”

“That was not by any choice of mine; I just go where they send me. Not that I would have minded serving on a ship.” Bal said.

Nodding his head, Paul looked at the man, “So I have a question that I hope you can answer, what do you see as your job here?”

“It is my understanding I will be overseeing the Engineering Department here on the station. That will include the maintenance and repair of the station along with assisting with repairs, maintenance, and upgrades of any ship that might dock with the station. The usual things for the head of any Starbase Engineering department. The fact that the orders I have been issued refer to the department as Carnwennan Corps of Engineers would lead me to believe that there will be more to the job than the normal stuff and if that is right it would then explain why I was sent here after heading a Core of Engineering team building the infrastructure of a new colony for the last six years.” Bal replied.

“You’d be correct, Commander,” Paul stated, “To be frank, your entire division will handle any projects and missions requiring high degrees of engineering expertise. The Carnwennan Corps of Engineers is a sub-division of the Starfleet Corps of Engineer you report to both myself and Starfleet Corps of Engineers Command Liaison. You decided what you want you people working on as long as it doesn’t interfered with my operations nor endanger anyone in the sector, clear?”

“Clear. Are there any such projects in the area that I should be made aware of? Idle hands loose their proficiency. If not Sir might I suggest a small project get the team used to working with each other. I would like to position an automated subspace radio relay platform within the Carnwennan Corridor at the edge of the station’s comm range. This will allow us to maintain reliable contact with any assets operating with the corridor at greater distances.” Bal suggested.

“Will you be needing anything from the station,” Paul asked.

“Of course we will be constructing the relay platform here at the station and that will be easily accomplished with the resources here. Once the platform has been completed I will require a runabout, if we can not get access to a larger ship, to tow the platform into its final position.” Bal said.

“How long is it going to take you?”

“Seven days to fabricate and assemble the relay. Then two days at warp six to tow it into place. Another two days to get back to the station. Add in a day for system test and final diagnostics. We can have the whole project done in less than two weeks.” Bal replied.

“Very well, Commander. You are dismissed.”

“Yes, Sir.” Bal said standing up. “Good day Sir.” He said before exiting the office. Now that he had reported to the Station Commander and had a project to work on Bal now had to meet his team.

~ Faded ~

Brigadier General Paul Potter and Lieutenant Marcus Anvers
Station Commanders Office on Mission Day 1 at 1330 Hours

Marcus walked through the hallways of the station satchel over his shoulder as he made his way to the Brigadier General’s office. He made his way effortlessly through the halls he had studied the layout on his way to the station and knew where he was going. The crowds were reminding him of his time at the Academy both as a student and a Doctor. Finally reaching the officers, he moved to the general’s door and pressed the chime.

Paul looked up at the door for a moment before he returned to looking at the Intelligence Report on his screen, “Enter!”

Marcus made his way in moving to the desk sliding reaching into his satchel taking a PADD out detailing his assignment placing it on the desk “Greetings Sir, I am Doctor Anvers your new Chief Medical Officer.” he said offering his hand to the man behind the bureau.

While still logged into his system, Paul pulled up the young man service record as he leaned back into his seat as he looked at the young man, “Take a seat, Mister Anvers.”

Marcus sat shifting the satchel into his lap “Thank you, sir, I am looking forward to getting to work.”

“I see that you are coming off the USS Hermes,” Paul stated, “How did you find your time on the ship?”

“A fine ship, a very young crew.” He smiled and shifted quietly “Looking forward to moving forward and starting a new chapter here on the Station.” he said “Seems I have arrived just in time. Looks as though a good deal of the crew is overdue for their physicals.”

Leaning back into his seat Paul looked at the young man, “That is quite correct, Mister Anvers, but please remember that this station just opened; however, I trust that you will be able to handle anything that comes at you?”

Marcus nodded “Before the Hermes I was the Lead Physician at the Academy, I am well prepared.” He shuffled through his bag presenting a lollipop sliding it across to the general “Cherry, a favorite amongst the cadets. A special blend of vitamins in there to make them a little healthier.” he smiled “I promise sir, I am very good at what I do. I am ready.”

Paul looked at the Doctor for a second, “What are you plans for after everyone physicals?”

“I am a Doctor, I have found that there is never a shortage of work. I am sure the work will find me!” he chuckled “I promise General you and the crew and the crew are in excellent crews.”

Did I ever use to be so eager, Paul thought as he leaned in his chair, “Just be aware that I have yet to fill the slot of Director of Personnel Welfare which oversees both the Medical and Mental Health Division of the base. So, for the time being, you will report to either myself or the Deputy Commander.”

Marcus nodded and smiled “The answer is yes, you were once as eager as me.” he winked with a small chuckle he rose shaking the Generals hand. He then took an open medical scanner out of his bag and gave a small sly smile “One down, you are cleared for duty.”

Paul shook his head for a second, “Dismissed, Lieutenant.”

~ I’ll Be On Point ~

Brigadier General Paul Potter and Commander CeCe Rhodes
USS Anubis, Approximately 1 Day out from Carnwennan Statation on Mission Day 1 at 1445 Hours

Sitting in her office aboard The experimental USS Anubis, CeCe poured over intelligence reports, mission logs, and stellar information from the Carnwennan Corridor and the Inconnu Expanse.

The blonde woman rubbed her temples and tossed a PADD to the side.

She pressed her combadge, noticing the time, she knew she could finally check in with General Potter as he would now be awake.

“Bridge.” Came the voice on the speaker.

“Open a secure channel to General Potter at Carnwennan Station.” The Commander responded.

“Channel Open”

The Federation seal flashed on CeCe’s screen as she waited for her signal to be picked up.

Sitting in his office, Paul was reviewing transfer orders and reports from the department heads; sometimes he wished he had remained a lowly private because it seemed that the higher you went up the chain in rank that you got more paperwork. He was brought out of his thought when his screen popped up and began to announce that he had an incoming transmission.

No rest for the anyone, he thought as he opened the channel to find himself looking at an attractive female wearing the command division with the rank of Commander, “Can I help you, Commander?”

“Rhodes sir, Celia Rhodes. ” CeCe smiled warmly. ” I’ve been assigned to replace Commander Li Ch’ang.”

Looking at her for a moment, Paul briefly turned his attention to a PADD on his desk and pulled it toward him. He remembered signing off on this request a few weeks ago. His former Executive Officer wanted to return home since it was time to settle down and Paul really couldn’t blame the man. He remembered Starfleet Personnel telling him that he could pick the replacement since he knew what he needed.

Releasing a sigh, Paul looked at her, “When did you get your orders, Commander?”

“Zero Two Hundred sir. ” She double checked the chronometer on the wall. “We are only about one day out sir.”

“I’m asking this of all my senior staff, but I want to make sure that there are no problems, but explain you duties to me, Commander,” Paul asked.

CeCe pursed her lips a moment. “I have always acted as a liason between the captain and the crew. Assisted with command operations, discipline, crew evaluations. ” She gave a moments pause. “In my current posting, there is a certain about of teaching that is involved. I hope to bring that as well.”

“This assignment will be quiet different, Commander,” Paul stated, “While also taking on the responibles you have stated, you will also be the taking a larger role. Carnwennan Station is the Sector Headquarters, so while you are ranked at an Oh-Five, you are filling a billet that normally deals with an Oh-Six. You might face certain issues regarding that, do you think you can handle it?”

CeCe kept her face straight.”Aye sir.” This what she had spent her life working towards. What her parents had groomed her for. Of course she was up to it.

“Then I can not wait to meet you, Commander,” he replied as he looked at her and saw the fire in her eyes, “Report to my office when you arrive.”

“Yes sir.” Celia pursed her lips. “Rhodes out.” She terminated the connection and returned to preparing for her departure.

~ Checking On The Progress ~

Lieutenant Commander Bal-Retorin, Lieutenant Michel Thomas, Ensign Jill Granger and Ensign Kalan Prill
Maintenance bays on Mission Day 2 at 1120 Hours

The doors to repair bay two opened allowing Lieutenant Commander Bal-Retorin entry into the large open space that was the maintenance bay two. In this bay, the reactor section of the relay was being constructed while the other sections were under construction in other repair bays.

This project had been proposed as a plan to see just how well the engineering department could work together on a project.  Everything about the project had been designed to test them including the time frame. Normally the construction of an unmanned communications relay would have been scheduled for two weeks but Retorin had given a deadline of two week to have the relay in place and operating. When the engineers had heard the deadline, no one had spoken up but every one took it in stride and gotten to work.  Now it was time to see just how much work they had gotten done so far.

His entrance caught the eye of Lieutenant Thomas.

“Good morning sir.”  She said leaving the group she had been speaking to and moving over to where Retorin stood just inside the doors.

“How are things going?” He asked starting toward the largest piece of the comm array that took up the majority of the bay.

“Well we have started with the reactor section.  Most of the outer hull is in place and by tomorrow the reactor will be completed tomorrow and installed a day after that.  We will need another two days to complete the outer hull and install the deuterium tanks, reactor cooling systems and life support.” Thomas said.

“I need you to cut a day off of that.  I have scheduled a total of seven days for the construction of the array and I want the reactor section done two days before that not one.  We will need to make sure we have enough time to test the systems before moving the array into place.” He said.

Thomas tilted her head to one side as she thought. “All right, I think we can do that.”

“What about the other sections? What is their status?” Retorin said.

“If you will follow me I was just heading to bay three to check in on the habitat module team.” The Lieutenant replied.

“Lead the way.” Retorin said.

Thomas led her department head out of repair bay two, down the corridor to a lift that dropped them down several levels before letting them out again.  The two walked down another corridor to another set of doors that opened to revealed another shuttle repair bay were the habitat module was under construction.

“OK people quit slaking the big boss is here.”  Thomas called out to the engineers working on the habitat module.

The habitat module had been framed out and a team of four engineers were working on attaching hull sections.

Before Retorin could even ask Ensign, Granger stepped forward. “The habitat module has been completely framed out as you can see.  We are now in the process of attaching the outer hull to port side of the module.  Also, the interior bulkheads and deck plates are being installed. We will leave the starboard side open to ease the installing the computer core, life support atmosphere tanks and Gravity generators once that is done we will close up the hull and then we will move it out into the ship day and do the final systems instillation.  It will be easier that way, seeing as we had to assembled the module on its side so it would fit into the bay.”

“I see that.” Retorin said inspecting the work being done on the habitat module. “When will the module be completed?” he asked.

“Three more days.” The ensign replied.

“Sounds good.” Retorin said before turning his attention to Thomas. “What is our next stop?”

“Bay four, just next door.  We have the transceiver assembly in there.” Thomas said.

The two engineers exited bay three walked down the corridor to bay four. When the entered bay four they found a frame work of duranium framing members had been assembled in the center of the bay and a team of engineers where hard at work attaching hull plating.

“Mr. Prill.” Thomas called out.

“Yes mam.” An ensign replied from where he worked without looking up.

“Care to give us a status report?” She asked

The ensign finished attaching the hull panel he had been working on and then looked up. “Sure, why not.” He said.  “This is the ventral surface of the transceiver module.  Once the ventral hull is completed we will flip it over and continue from there. Building the space frame and installing the various systems and sub-assemblies as we go.”    Prill moved over to where Retorin and Thomas stood.

“As you can see T’Prill has already got the subprocessors delivered.  The actual transceiver should be done day after tomorrow and as long as it is finished by the end of Alpha shift we can have it installed by the end of the same day. Give us another day to finish up and we will be done.

“Sounds like so far ever ting is on schedule.  What about the connecting corridors and the antenna?” He asked.

“They are in bay five.  These other modules are so big they take up most of a repair bay themselves. “Thomas said.

“Just be glad we are constructing one of the unmanned relays.  The maned ones are larger.” Retorin said as he led the way out of bay four.

“You want to check on the work in bay five?” Thomas asked.

“Do you think they can have the connecting corridors and antenna completed and assembled by day four?” Retorin asked.

“Defiantly.” Thomas said.

“Then I will let them work. Keep me up dated.” Retorin said.

“Yes sir.” I will have the next update ready this time tomorrow.”

“Very good. I will go check on the rest of the department you can get back to work.”

“Yes sir.” Thomas said.

She turned around and headed off down the corridor.  Retorin headed off in the opposite direction His people seemed to be working well and if everything kept going the way they were this project would remain on schedule.