USS Sizemore

The USS Sizemore is an Ares-Class Rapid Response Vessel assigned to Carnwennan Station. She is considered to be command vessle for Brigaider General Paul Potter.

Class History

By 2374, the Prometheus had been in service for almost a year. The design had proved successful but the highly complex separation systems, while making the Prometheus Class formidable, also made her resource intensive with each vessel projected to take a significant length of time to build, making it ultimately unsuitable for production in the sort of numbers that were necessary to replenish the fleet with capable, modern vessels. Command desired a ship that could be built in greater numbers yet still retain as many of positive qualities of the Prometheus Class as possible.

At the height of the war the word was sent out to make such a design happen, with the assumption that Starfleet would still be around by the conflict’s close. By the end of the War, with the Federation still standing, the design had been completed and the project, named Ares, was one of the first to be started after the peace accords were signed. As instructed, the design was based heavily on the Prometheus, however all the systems required for MVAM removed. In an attempt to make up for this lack of separation abilities, the Ares sported an experimental enhancement to the Type-XII phaser array, which was aimed at making them more efficient and more resistant to battle damage. .

Despite still remaining a vessel focused on tactical strength, the Ares design featured more space for science facilities than the Prometheus; while it would still be outclassed in this area by more Science and exploration orientated classes, this still gave the Ares somewhat more versatility. Construction of the USS Ares went very smoothly and she was completed in half the time taken for the USS Prometheus. Ares was launched for testing in December 2377.

Her initial cruise was successful, with surprisingly few problems presenting themselves, aside from issues resulting from the experimental nature of her phaser arrays. Power was often below the average for a regular Type-XII blast, which required extensive tweaking over several months to correct. Nevertheless, Starfleet was pleased with the results and, as the Ares returned to dock in April 2378. By late 2380, the first of the completed Ares class vessels were flowing from the shipyards. So far the class has proved to an excellent tactical vessel in the field while still remaining a capable explorer in peace time.


Class Information
Class Name



Rapid Response Vessel


445 meters


149 meters


42 meters



Warp Rating
Cruising Speed

Warp 7.5

Maximum Warp

Warp 9.8

Emergency Warp

Warp 9.975
for 12 hours



Non-Commissioned and Enlisted




Auxiliary Craft



Type 11 Shuttle: 2
Type 15 Shuttlepod: 2


Orion class: 2

Tactical Systems
Energy Weapons

12x Type-XII phaser arrays

Torpedo Launchers

4 Launchers


Multi-Layered Shielding System

Other Systems

Duranium/Tritanium Double Hull
5cm Ablative Armor