All activity in the Carnwennan Sector is handles by Starbase 206 “Carnwennan Station” located at the mouth of the Carnwennan Corrdior. She serves as the southren headquarters for Task Force Seventy-Two in the area.

Class History

The Immense Class starbase is Starfleet’s most heavily fortified frontier space station in use in the late-24th Century. Compared to other classes of starbases, the Immense-class is aimed at providing an intense tactical presence in highly valuable strategic locations on the edges of Federation space.

In 2369, the Federation had taken over administrative duties of Deep Space 9, a former Cardassian station, which in its earlier days went from a simple ore-processing station to one of the most important stations (both politically and strategically) in Federation care due to its being the guardian of the recently discovered Bajoran wormhole, the only stable wormhole to have been found. Over the next few years Starfleet would work really hard in upgrading the station’s defences so to ensure the Bajoran claim on the wormhole was strong and to defend against an imminent Dominion attack.

Construction of the first Immense-class starbase started in late 2378 in the Beta Quadrant. Deep Space 19 was finished by early 2381 and was made fully operational thereafter. Deep Space 19 became successful in supporting the Fourth Fleet’s Task Force 21 as it dealt with security threats from nearby hostile races while expanding the Federation’s sphere of influence in the area as well as exploring parts of the Beta Quadrant that had been un-chartered. Deep Space 19 was tested during a number of incidents where it was attacked by antagonistic races, including the Borg. However the station survived each assault and would become the central hub for local diplomatic efforts in maintaining peace with the local powers.

Attached Starship

The starbase also has two permanent attached starship that are used by base personnel to complete several different missions.

See deck listings for a full deck layout.

Class Information
Class Name



Orbital Deep Space Repair and Manufacturing Facility


3,330m between outrider sections. 975m on main hull. 895m outrider stations


2,330m main hull. 677m outrider stations



Power Reactors
Antimatter Reactor


Power Generators

10 (High Output Fusion)


FIPG-X1 impulse system



Non-Commissioned and Enlisted






Auxiliary Craft
Starship Bays

4 main hull (135mx54m, able to fit 1 Nova/Dumont/Diligent/Defiant class in each)
1ea outrider stations (1 set of space doors, 250mx250m, 500m long, able to hold 1 Sovereign class in lower half of bay and several smaller classes in upper half)

Docking Ports

2 Drydocks (width is 270m wall to wall, 300m long)
4 landing pads at top of main hull (Able to land 1 Intrepid class or smaller each)


8 (4 shared with main hull starship bays)


Type 6 Shuttle: 5
Type 7 Shuttle: 5
Type 8 Shuttle: 20
Type 9 Shuttle: 20
Type 10 Shuttle: 10
Type 11 Shuttle: 25
Type 15 Shuttlepod: 15


Argo class: 1
Arrow class: 1
Danube class: 1
Delta class: 1
Mustang class: 1
Orion class: 2
Volga class: 2
Warhammer class: 2


Javelin class: 60
Peregrine class: 20
Valkyrie class: 20

Tactical Systems
Energy Weapons

2500 Type-XII Phaser Arrays

Torpedo Launchers

18 Dual launch platforms


Regenerative Shielding System

Other Systems

Class 11 Hull Conformal
Type-1 Ablative Armor