Deck Layout

Deck Facilities
1-10 Subspace Communication Network Hub Control
Docking Domes 1-4
Runabout Launch Pads 1-2
Shuttlebay 1-5
11 Main Operations
Station Commander’s Office
Briefing Room
12-18 Station Commander’s Quarters
Senior Officer’s Quarters
Command Level Offices
19-30 Promenade
Gymnasiums and Sports Facilities
31-50 Main Armoury
Brig 1-10
Detention Cells 1-25
51-100 VIP Quarters
Enslisted Crew Quarters
Transporter Rooms 1-10
Conference Rooms
101-115 Main Infirmary
Medical Labs
116-129 Main Computer Core
Life Support and Environmental Systems
130-150 Main Science Labs
Stellar Cartography
Astrometrics Lab
Cargo Storage Facilities

Junior Officer’s Quarters
Enlisted Crew Quarters
151-160 Civilian Living Facilities
Enlisted Crew Quarters
Cargo Storage Facilities
Transporter Rooms 11-20
161-170 Enlisted Crew Quarters
Cargo Storage Facilities
Primary Cargo Transporters
171-250 Primary Weapons Systems
Cargo Storage Facilities
Enlisted Crew Quarters
251-260 Marine Barracks
Marine Briefing Room
Marine Training Holosuites
Transporter Rooms 21-30
261-280 Main Docking Bay
Docking Domes 1-2
Runabout Launch Pads 3-4
Drydocks 1-2
Shuttlebay 5
Fighter Launch Bay 1-3
281-295 Main Engineering Facilities
Main Fusion Reactors
Enlisted Crew Quarters
Transporter Rooms 31-35
296-320 Enlisted Crew Quarters
Civilian Crew Quarters
Hazardous Material Storage
Long Term Storage Facilities
Fusion Matter Storage
Deuterium Storage Tanks
321-340 Enlisted Crew Quarters
Transporter Rooms 36-40
Fusion Matter Storage
Deuterium Storage
341-368 Maintenance Bay
Waste Management
Emergency Environmental Controls
Temporary Guest Quarters
369-380 Enlisted Crew Quarters
Auxiliary Fusion Generators
Secondary Docking Bays
Drydocks 3-4
381-405 Secondary Maintenance Bays
Secondary Subspace Communication Network Control