Major Jindral Ptolomeu

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Jindral Ptolomeu

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Major Jindral

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Chief of Staff

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Room 18|113




Chief of Staff

Carnwennan Sector

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July 17, 2337


Christine Ptolomeu

A medium height darker skinned Klingon woman, she is oten most comofortable in more traditional Klingon dress but maintains her appearance when on duty. She is brown haired and almost always carries a dagger on her left hip.


Jindral is an atypical klingon personality.  She has learned to be a meticulous patient negotiator, but still acts decisively when called upon.   She is a woman dedicated to war in many of it’s forms, rarely sitting out a fight if she is alone or off duty.  When in uniform or on duty she maintains the highest standards of deportment and manners, though quite often hr more basic nature shows through.  She is not tuly a diplomat, unless diplomacy is defined as “Oppose me and I will level you”.  This attitude tends to accomplish many things and as such makes her an excellent second in command or as she is currently positioned as a manager of things.  She will probably not rise to her own command, but that suits this warrior woman just fine.


Jinral is the daughter of a klingon father and human mother.  She grew up on board a series of different starships as her mother, an engineer, was transferred around the different starbases in the Alpha Quadrant.  Wherever she went the features of her klingon heritage tended to get the young Ptolomeu picked on by other ‘pure blooded’ children, almost no matter what type of blood they carried.  Jinral learned to defend and stand up for herself such that when she reached the right age, she looked toward joining Starfleet.

At the Academy it was suggested to her that her explosive personality and experiences would serve her well in the Starfleet Marine Corps.  With no other true direction she tried a summer between terms at a basic training camp. When she returned to her second term she had a new goal.  She transferred into the Marine Corps Officer training program and began to have a much greater success in her courses. She studied most avidly, defensie tactics as well as artillery.

Upon graduation Jinral, she has mostly ceased using her surname, was commissioned a Second Lieutenant and placed in command ofan Ordnance Squad.  Her squad was utilized in several campaigns where they proved adept at both laying down heavy fire and appearing from seemingly nowhere to deliver that fire.  It was not long before the young Lieutenant was in command of an entire platoon and operating on a larger scale as a First Lieutenant.

Here Jinral’s career seemed to nearly halt.  She remained in command of the platoon for nearly ten years, receiving commendations but no promotions.  There was never a stated reason fr this stallling of her advancement, and the officer began to cntemplate resigning her commission.  She was uncertain wether this was the age old factof her klingon heritage or simply that she was good at her job.  That question would never be answerd to her satisfaction.  Finally she received a promotion to Marine Captain and a posting as a Company commander.

As commander of an entire Artillery Company, Jinral begga to come into her own.  She proved an adept administrator and logistician.  Further she inspired her company to near fanatical loyalty and preparedness.  The challenges of battlefield command were met with aplomb and eagerness to succeed.  After only a pair of years as Company Commander, Jinral was tapped for a new challenge.

By this time many others who had graduated with her were reaching Senior Colonel status and beyond.  The half klingon has only just dvanced to the rank of Major.  This promotion cames at a time when the Corps is expanding it’s operational purview once more and returning to old haunts.  Carnwennan Sector is just the latest of these.  Jinral is pleased to have been asked to put her administrative talents to use in the service of Brigadier Paul Potter and the crew of Carnwennan Station.  Her skills and experiences have led her to this point, but oddly, to her mind, the promotion is a nonsequitor.  It removes her from active combat, which was her first love.

Service Record

2354 - 2358

Starfleet Academy
2358 - 2360

Squad Leader
USS Acheron
2360 - 2365

Squad Leader
USS Zachary Taylor
2366 - 2372

Lieutenant Junior Grade
Platoon Leader
Starbase 677
2372 - 2380

Platoon Leader
USS Legionnaire
2380 - 2385

Lieutenant Commander
Company Executve Officer
USS Lexington
2385 - 2388

ompany Commander
USS Bismark