Captain Chase Topekaski

Service Record

Chase Fionnlagh Topekaski

Addressed As

Captain Topekaski




Commander, Starbase Wing
Starfighter Wing

Carnwennan Sector

Played By

Mordecai Hawkes

Personal Data





January 4, 2365


Witold Koninski

Amy Koninski


Chase is quiet and introverted, preferring the confines of a Valkyrie starfighter to the bridge of a cruiser.  When he applies himself, Chase works very hard, never giving up on what he is trying to accomplish. That is, when he applies himself. He has a tendency to procrastinate until the last minute.

He is very quiet and thoughtful. This helps him to come up with a means of solving whatever problem he is faced with, but also but also causes a slight aversion to the physical presence of other people. He aspires to get over this aversion and to become more outgoing, in addition to becoming an ace fighter pilot like those of the 20th century.


Chase was born on Earth in 2365, to Witold and Amy Koninski. His father, hailing from Konin, Poland, insisted that Polish tradition be upheld, and he was given a surname based on the city in which he was born.
He lived a relatively secluded early life. When not at school, he was reading or running holodeck programs, very often with a theme of 20th Century aviation.
in 2383, he attended Starfleet Academy, obtaining a degree in Aerospace engineering. he wanted to join the elite nova Squadron, but was turned down due to a “lack of communication”.
In 2387, he graduated from the Academy and immediately began searching for a Starship that he could apply to join. This search continued for a few months until he found mention of the USS Hermes in a ship roster, and immediately sent his application to join as a pilot. This assignment was cut woefully short when the Hermes was decommissioned and mothballed after only a few months of his serving aboard her.

Ensign Topekaski was then reassigned to Carnwennan Station, and eventually became Starfighter wing commander.

Service Record

2388 - 2388

Second Lieutenant
Fighter Pilot
USS Hermes
2388 - 2388

First Lieutenant
Fighter Pilot
Carnwennan Station

Commander, Starbase Wing
Carnwennan Station