Lieutenant Commander Bal-Retorin

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Lieutenant Commander


Lieutenant Commander


Director of Carnwennan Corps of Engineering
Carnwenna Corps of Engineering

Carnwennan Sector

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Born in 2355 in the village of Moraden on the Efrosian home world. The village of Moraden was an industrial settlement. Situated between the Valagen Mountains and Raten Valley Moraden specialized in construction and servicing equipment used in the farming and mining facilities. His father worked for manufacturer as a service technician servicing the mining equipment sold to the mines in the Mountains. His mother was a government employee for the local environmental control office. She was responsible for inspecting the mines to ensure that Hazardous materials from the mines did not seep into the local water supply and poison the farms downstream of the mines.

2365: When he was ten a dam that held, a reservoir used to irrigate the local farms failed and half the village and many of the farms were flooded causing great damage. A team of Starfleet engineers was dispatched to Moraden to assist with investigating the failed dame and the repair of local infrastructure. Watching the reconstruction of the village led to Bal developing an interest in the Starfleet Core of Engineers.

2370: When Bal- announced to his parents that he would be attending Starfleet academy they were both against it. They felt that with the Dominion War in progress it was to dangerous for him to be part of Starfleet.

2371: Entered Star Fleet Academy

2375: Graduated from the Fleet Academy as an Ensign and assigned to the ASDB facility on Starbase 134. While there he was assigned to study and recreate Borg technology that had be incorporated into the design of the Delta Flyer after the return of the USS Voyager and her crew.

2377: Moved to Starbase 116 and promoted to Lieutenant j.g.   While at Starbase 116  he oversaw the dry dock teams and responsible for direction the constitution and repair of several ships.

2379: Promoted to full Lieutenant and made assistant department head of Starbase 116’s Engineering Department.

2382: Promoted to Lieutenant Commander and assigned to the Federation colony Ra’Teal 4 where he oversaw the construction of the fledgling colony.

2388: Assigned to Carnwennan Station as the Director of Carnwennan Corps of Engineering