Carnwennan Sector

We are taking over a damn mess. It that damn simple and there is no way to sugar coat it. Starfleet and the Federation stepped back from the region and it went to hell. Now they are sending in an entire Task Force to clean up the sector. I know for a fact that we are going to be getting down and dirty to clean this sector up and it won’t be clean.Brigadier General Paul Potter, Commanding Officer, Starbase 206

In 2378, Starfleet and the Federation pulled out of the Carnwennan Sector after a facing budget and personnel shortfalls in the aftermath of the Dominion War. One of the cut was the Presidium-class, Starbase Two Hundred Six (206) otherwise known as Carnwennan Station. The pull-out allowed a pirate organization to take control of the former Starfleet outpost. Over the next ten years, Starfleet would work with local defense forces to ensure that the pirates would not advance further than the Carnwennan Sector.

During the fall of 2387, Starfleet commissioned a Task Force and placed Brigadier General Paul Potter as the Commanding Officer. General Potter was given one simple mission, and that was to retake the old base by any mean as he deemed. However, Starfleet Intelligence significantly underestimated the pirate forces in the area, and this misinformation destroyed three Starfleet ships when they warped into the system, and it was discovered that the pirates had full control of Starbase 206. After retreating, General Potter called for any Starfleet and local asset in the area to response to this rouge starbase and the Pirates that had taken over the area. In what is now known as the Battle of the Carnwennan Sector, it has been marked as one of the longest battles in modern history as both sides played hide and seek. In the end, General Potter was forced to use a backdoor program that allowed him to destroy the starbase.

In the aftermath of the battle, a power vacuum would be formed, and thus Starfleet appointed General Potter as the Commanding Officer of all Starfleet asset in the sector. His mission was to serve as a determent to the Coalition and the Republic while also protecting Federation assets in the area until the completion of the new Starbase 206.

Carnwennan Sector

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